Quick Wins

[QW20] “It’s not marketing. It’s being helpful.”

Yesterday was the 78th anniversary of D-Day, where participants from 12 countries fought as allies against the Nazi regime. Many battles took place that day. I am grateful for the veterans who participated and the families who supported them back home in Australia,...

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[QW11] Fixing corrupted Windows filenames

Happy Anniversary to our Quick Win posts! The first QW offering appeared on May 20 last year, and we haven't looked back! I love these. They are short, sweet, and get some useful 'office tech' or other tips in your hands. The QWs usually come from costly lessons...

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[QW10] – Copying an online button or its text

. Here are three reasons to copy a website button or the text behind it: You don't have time to check out the information right now. You want to see where the button leads before clicking it (which you can also do by hovering over it and looking at the link text near...

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