Sometimes I pretend to walk to work, but I don’t think I’m fooling anyone.

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I’m blessed with fascinating projects!

I have a government clearance for efforts I can’t discuss here, but most of my work revolves around helping clients maximize their

  • Business tech.
  • Online presence.
  • Business documentation.

But, sometimes I get to have just plain ol’ fun – as you’ll see with the first item, here.

Let me share some of these with you!

Neighborhood Super-Sale Ad

This was a serendipitous moment with the client
bringing her dog into the mix.

See what you think when you meet Gracie Shepherd
(the oh-h-h so patient big doggie 😉 ).


“You deserve an award for best garage sale ad ever!”

I agree with the Facebook comment on the graphic artist’s account.

It was fun helping her tweak this successful yard sale notice.

She asked, “Can you help me make it something no one can resist?”

Once we had it looking more like a news alert, it was irresistible.

Gracie – the German Shepherd – is quite the saleslady, don’tcha think?
People went just to meet her, and bought stuff in spite of themselves.

Look at those eyes!

“Mom … pleeeeeease!”

Editing niche market books

I appreciate the effort of those who help us by writing short, niche-market books about their areas of expertise.

These are relatively quick reads teaching us a specific topic.

Here are examples of books, in this genre, I have edited.

If a book is in your future … let’s talk!

I enjoy small projects, too.

I’ve helped a landlord write a lease ‘real people’ can understand and edited campaign materials for a candidate.

This isn’t a super-duper copy of a canvassing postcard, but you’ll get the general idea.

“You can vote on Sunday, if you wish.” Not!

And … speaking of elections … here’s an interesting sample I share at some networking events.

When we introduce ourselves and tell what we do, I say, “I can save you from this kind of embarrassment.”

There are audible gasps as they see the original copy had the wrong date for voting!

It is easy to make these mistakes.

According to the original, the election was on Sunday!

Readers received the correction (the extra box at the lower left) the Saturday before voting. Yikes.

The magazine staff hasn’t contacted me about editing for them.

Do you think that part of my email was lost in cyberspace?

Let me help with your next tech or writing effort

[And, before you ask: no, I can’t loan out Gracie Shepherd!]

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