Goals accountability. Live training sessions.

Common sense repeatable process.

You in?


Are you overwhelmed with setting goals … and never reaching them?

It’s not you. It’s that clunky training no one can follow



You have no idea where to start


You're confused by the blather


You have zero time to research courses


Complex processes haven't worked


You're stuck and there's no one to help


Non-overwhelm this entire process!

Goals Accountability training is for you!

From determining your #1 goal to achieving it, these workshops make sense. Straightforward tools you can use for years to come (without paying for them again!)

  • Hands-on workshops with exercises you keep
  • Small group live sessions (5-10 attendees)
  • Certified Goal Sucess Life Coach plus fellow participant support

Because if You’re Going to Invest Time, Energy, Money …

… you want to start seeing results from the very first session. Right?

Hi! I’m Kathie York – The Queen of Non-Overwhelm – and let me tell you: one of the most exasperating peace-and-calm killers is figuring out how to set and achieve goals.

Am I right?

You’ve probably run into these too:  goals courses trying to sell you $20,000 software or lock you into an expensive mastermind (with a bazillion people on a call).


There had to be a better way. Easy, simple, and repeatable.

But no one was offering it.

So, taking the “Necessity is the mother of invention” phrase to heart, I created it.


Goals Accountability training

I’m a certified Goal Success Life Coach, a former technical instructor, and a project manager.

So, yeah.

I’ve had plenty of experience teaching the tricky stuff plus strategically setting and achieving goals. I want to share some of that with you.

Promise: no long boring lectures, tons of reading, or pitches at the end for expensive … anything.


Common sense, functional approach


Friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere


Easy repeatable steps to use again


Small group training, short sessions


7 weekly live online workshops

Here’s What’s Included


General Information

All students must apply for – and be accepted into – this training. There is a participant agreement outlining the program and its rules. This agreement and its non-disclosure statement must be signed by the participant before they are assigned to a group.


Your group will have its own private, password-protected page on my website.

We’ll meet for seven 90-minute sessions over a period of seven weeks. All meetings are conducted by an online video call (currently via Zoom).

For each session, you’ll have access to these items on your team’s page:

    • The link to join the meeting
    • The tasks assigned for that meeting
    • Any worksheets, articles, etc. used in the session
    • Notices or reminders from me
    • A replay of the working portion of our online meeting (available the day after the session unless otherwise noted)

A few sessions will have minimal homework, but most work occurs during in-meeting workshops.


Except for our first session, we have an accountability time each week.

We each (yes … me too!) discuss our progress on our #1 goal and issues we’d like help with if something got in the way.

Near the end of the 90 minutes, there is an Open Forum. This is not part of the session recording. It is your time to ask questions, get clarification on a task, or just listen and learn from others. This time is not mandatory.


Session 1

You and your teammates get to know each other a bit, then dive into a hands-on exercise.

Each of you will identify your #1 goal to work on at this time. You’ll take special steps to ‘speficic-ize’ your goal, so there’s no question about the direction to take from the very first lesson.

Session 2

Your team begins learning an easy, repeatable My Ducks-in-Rows Strategic Goals Plan process. Proven principles apply, and the exercises are unique to this training. There’s not a dull moment. Promise!

We complete the goals process training next week.

Session 3

You and the team complete the exercises for your individual Strategic Goals Plan.

You are assigned an interesting ongoing project you’ll work on for a couple of weeks. Don’t worry … this is minimal effort outside of class.

Session 4

As we work on our goals strategy, we’ll discuss the concept of strategic management. With an interesting article, we’ll see how two people – who became famous worldwide – landed at the same historic site because of strategically working on goals that got them there.

Then we’ll apply their process to ours, noting where we’ve mirrored their approach and what we learned from them.

Session 5

During this week’s meeting, we’ll learn everyone’s results from the ongoing experiment started during the third week. We’ll also take a (perhaps eye-opening) look at what motivates each of us, including some surprises you may not have considered. You’ll minimally share items from a worksheet you completed before class. This is a big one on sharing, and it’s one of my favorite sessions.

Session 6

If necessary, we’ll complete items from Session 5.

Then we’ll move into a discussion of how our past – as kids or in the workforce – can derail or help us as we try to reach our goals.

I promise no weird kitschiness or creepy stuff.

Stay tuned!

Session 7

It’s time for our Wrap Up plus some nice surprises.

No one, yet, has left this meeting without feeling better about themselves and their accomplishments during our time together!

Okay, sounds amazing, but what does it cost?


“You put a twist on goals setting that is familiar but new.”

~ Ken Brayton, CEO, WordPress developer

“Just getting things written down and then being held accountable gets the goal done!”

~ Karen Estrin, Chick in Charge, LocalWerx. Affordable marketing solutions with monthly support and an easy-to-use platform


~ ______________________________________________________________________________

What happens when I buy?

The next training group begins on February 2, 2023

Apply by __-date-___ for assignment to a group

Once you're assigned to a group, _________




Lingering Questions?

"Can I bring my own group for training?"

You may, but please consider: Sessions 5 and 6 explore how mindset impacts our ability to set and reach our goals.
To enjoy the full impact of this part of the training, you may want to talk about things you would not want everyone in a personal group to know.
Sometimes, it’s easier to start out with strangers and build bonds as you work together.

"Do we set up OUR schedules, like in your book?"

You’re referring to my book’s Step 2: Set up your process, where I show you where I ‘landed’ on creating a weekly schedule.

This is something that is individual to each participant. We won’t have time to set that up for everyone during our sessions. Buuut, this is a great place to use your 1:1 time with me (which is part of the live program).

"I can't attend all the sessions. Should I start?"

No, because the lessons build on each other. Plus the ‘accountability’ factor includes all of us supporting one another as we journey through the weeks. If this is not a good time to commit to all seven sessions, please remember new groups begin several times within a calendar year.

"How long will it take me to reach my #1 goal?"

I have no idea! Some students set a BIG goal as their #1, while others go smaller. This course teaches you a logical, uncomplicated, step-by-step process to (a) select the goal to work on n.o.w. and then (b) decide the steps to achieve it.

As we work on the steps, you may see your #1 goal will take longer than our seven sessions to complete. If that’s the case, it is often because of things outside your control. Perhaps you’re waiting on someone to get back to you about X, you can’t accomplish Y at this time of year  (weather, etc.),etc.

"Do you guarantee my success with this program?"

I guarantee your Goal Success Coach will do their best to help you achieve your #1 goal. But you are the only one who controls your level of engagement during meetings. Almost all work is done within our sessions, but some weeks have minimal homework (1- or 2-page documents to complete). Your team’s suggestions and guidance are important, but you determine how hard you work toward achieving your #1 goal.

Still not sure if it’s right for you? 

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