Group training – Goals Accountability Blueprint

Want a pleasant, clear path to achieving goals?


Plus a live (online) small group with built-in accountability?


Read on!

Grab the techniques and shortcuts for tackling objectives with confidence and ease



Figure out where to start

Whether you bring your own group or take advantage of the training sessions I schedule each year, you won’t waste time chasing goals. Here’s the ultimate guide for selecting and pursuing the right objective … for right now. Don’t get caught up in the scramble of doing too much at one time.


Reduce the fear

Say goodbye to that wave of adrenaline when you sit down to f.i.n.a.l.l.y work on a goal. You can easily approach it now because you’ve created your blueprint for success. Follow it!



Mark the goal "Done!"

No more taking out a bank loan for a course providing nothing but a bunch of PDF files.

You need the synergy of live, step-by-step guidance, plus relevant, intriguing online training and workshops.

You want a non-judgmental instructor; someone who’s ‘sat where you’re sitting’ when achieving their aspirations.

And you’re looking for a clear, logical plan for reaching goals.

Not just setting them.

If this is you … you’re in the right place

Just imagine …

… sitting down to work on a goal, and there’s a plan.

You’ll know:

  • Where (and how) to begin.
  • The process for staying. on. track.
  • How to succeed.

And maybe the best part?

You took the journey with your employees, church group, best friends, or __<fill in the blank>__.

You supported one another as accountability partners and even discovered “Ah HA!” moments together.

And it all started right here:

“Introducing the

Group training – Goals Accountability Blueprint

It’s all about 7 weekly, live online lessons providing a rock-solid foundation for setting and achieving sensible goals.

This course was thoughtfully crafted to simplify the goals process.

You get what you need to customize the Blueprint to the way you work.

OK, that sounds good. But … who’s leading you through all of this awesomeness?

More Info About Your Instructor


Hi, again! I’m Kathie York, the Queen of Non-Overwhelm, and all those other goodies you read about me on the Overview page.

I’ll guide you during the Goals Accountability Blueprint training. 

I’m pumped that you clicked through to the ‘Groups’ info. This tells me you are ready to support others, plus you are serious about achieving your goals.

This isn’t one of those $20,000 programs where everyone wastes their time with psychobabble.

I am an instructor by degree and I:

  • Love to teach.
  • Have been trained to help adults in their goals journey.
  • Offer specialized guidance for conquering objectives.

We’ll work online weekly, progressing through my step-by-step process to goal success.

Yes, my process. This is not some mega company’s training created by AI with slots where I drop in my personal info. I took a year to research, create, and beta-test these modules, making each one valuable.

Real-world training with a non-judgmental, practical, friendly instructor at your side.

Here’s a tour of the modules. Let’s see if this is the right program for you.

7  live (Zoom) lessons over 7 weeks   |     Open Forum Q&A immediately following most sessions

Here’s what’s included …


General Information

I meet with your small group (8 students) weekly.

For 7 weeks, we’ll work together during a 90-minute training session.

A 1/2 hour bonus Open Forum immediately follows sessions 1-6:

  • Extra discussion and Q&A time
  • No new training during the Open Forum
  • Optional … attend when you have time for this bonus.

As your group progresses, you’ll discover the importance of having – and supporting – accountability partners in your endeavor.

You and your team members might even overcome self-doubt and fear of change when everyone follows this program’s easy, repeatable techniques for reaching goals. They work!

When your training is complete, you’ll have an actionable,
personalized Blueprint for setting and achieving sensible goals.

Session 1

We get to know each other a bit and then dive into a hands-on exercise to discover what we really want. A good start as we each identify our #1 achievable goal to pursue at this time. (Yep! me too!)

Then we use a workshop to go beyond SMART objectives, taking steps to ‘specific-ize’ our goal. There’s no question about the direction to take from the very first lesson.

What you learn here anchors the program for you

Session 2

Proven principles apply with my repeatable Ducks-in-Rows Strategic Goals Plan process. This is the start of your personalized goals blueprint. My copyrighted exercises are unique to the Blueprint training.

You begin creating your actionable goals strategy, tailoring the plan for you. Promise!

We complete this portion of the course in Session 3.

Session 3

Today, we finish the Ducks-in-Rows Strategic Goals Plan exercises, where you’ve created your personal Blueprint for reaching a target.

You’re exercising the training as you work on your #1 goal, creating habits you can use again and again after course completion.

And along the way, we’ve all bonded a bit more as accountability partners. Suh-weet!

The team also begins an enlightening ongoing project this week. (There is minimal effort outside of class.) We’ll share some of our results during Session 5.

Session 4

After three hard-hitting weeks, it’s time to s.l.o.w. down! (I am all about non-overwhelm, after all cool).

We discuss how two famous people landed at the same fascinating historic site … because they s.t.r.a.t.e.g.i.z.e.d the goals to get them there.

We share what stood out for us in our reading, how we mirror (or not) the teams’ approaches, and what we learned from them.

Maybe even: how we’ll use their strategies to help us reach our #1 goal!

Session 5

This time, volunteers share results from the ongoing experiment started during Session 3.

We also take a (perhaps eye-opening) look at what motivates each of us. Surprises included! Volunteers share some of their findings.

This is one of my favorite meetings, and it always makes me wish we had more time together. There’s definitely some bonding goin’ on this week!

Session 6

Today, we discuss how our past – as kids or in the workforce – can derail or help us as we try to reach goals.

We talk about ways to dump limiting beliefs and embrace empowering ones. And don’t worry … you haven’t heard it all before, and there’s no weird kitsch or creepy stuff here.

I’ll share a sweet experience, from my teen years, that could have become a limiting (negative) belief. What? Yep! I bet something similar has happened to you.

Session 7

It’s time for our Wrap Up. There’s a bunch to get done as we review our journey and see how far we’ve come.

We will need the entire 2 hours for the training portion of the meeting. There is no Open Forum planned this week.

The only bad thing about this session? It’s our last.

But you won’t leave it without feeling better about yourself, and you’ll see your accomplishments here are not a one-time thing.

You’ll use the Blueprint process again and again

“Sounds amazing. What’s my investment?” [USD]

Here’s what other people are saying

“You put a twist on goals setting that is familiar but new.”

~ Ken BraytonWordPress developer

“Just getting things written down and then being held accountable helped me get the goal done!”

~ Karen EstrinChick in Charge at LocalWerx
Affordable marketing solutions with monthly support and an easy-to-use platform

“I found fresh approaches to goals here and especially liked having the bonus 1:1 session with my coach.”

~ Danielle Hamlet | Social media and email marketing [original group training option]

“Let’s do this! What’s next, Kathie?”


I accept 8 students as a training group, with each learner registering separately.

Payments are processed immediately after you accept the course Terms and Conditions. A receipt, course link, and Welcome message will then zip through cyberspace to you.

Let’s chat !

JOIN A GROUP: Next opportunity is the February 8 – March 21, 2024 cohort.

Email me for more info. 

No obligation and no sleazy sales pitch!

BRING A GROUP: We’ll discuss your timing and see how this can work for your team.
No obligation and no smarmy sales pitch!

Email me to begin the discussion.

Please let me know:

  • You would like to discuss the group Goals Accountability Blueprint training
  • The day of the week that works best for the 7 training sessions over 7 weeks.*
  • Your preferred time of day for 90 minutes of training and the half-hour Open Forum.*

Once your group agrees on the best day and time,
you and I will work together to make it happen
or find a suitable alternative.

* [U.S., Eastern time zone] Tuesdays and Thursdays – 10:00 am. to 4:00 p.m. – are my usual training days and start times. We can work around that if necessary. (Australia and New Zealand … gotcha covered cool)


Lingering Questions?

"Should we read your book before we take this course?"

Everything I do is about a concept and word I created: “non-overwhelm”

This course is no different. You’ll work through a few of my 7 Steps to Non-Overwhelm during the Strategic Goals Plan segment. However, I explain as you go, and you won’t be lost if you haven’t read the book/workbook. (Step 8 is only available in the book.)


Having said that, my readers love my small-but-mighty quick read (no ‘fluff’) and how it helped them reach non-overwhelm.

I’d love to have you check it out at Welcome to Non-Overwhelm! It takes a couple of hours to read.

Yep. I even non-overwhelmed the book. cool

"Will you show us how to set up our daily schedules, like in the book?"

You’re referring to Step 2: Set up your process. In that section, creating a weekly schedule is part of the conversation.

Since every person’s needs are different, we won’t have time to work on that during our sessions. However, you may want to ask a question about your situation during a bonus Open Forum time.

"I can't attend all the meetings. Should I sign up, anyway?"

Since the lessons build on one another, committing to all 7 meetings is crucial. Plus, the accountability partners factor includes all of us supporting one another as we journey through the weeks.

If there will be planned ‘misses,’ this may not be a good time for you to attend.

"How long will it take me to reach my #1 goal?"

I don’t know!

Some students set a big goal as their #1, while others go smaller. I’ve created a logical, uncomplicated, step-by-step process to (a) select the goal to work on n.o.w. and (b) follow the steps to achieve it.

Even if reaching your #1 goal takes longer than our course time together, that’s OK!

You’ll still have the process ‘down’ and the ability to use it after completing your training.

While you may purchase additional accountability and Q&A time with
me after the course, I’m not one of those smarmy instructors who
hold you hostage for the last 10% of critical information!

My entire process is here for you to use going forward.

"Do you guarantee my success in this program?"

I guarantee I will deliver my unique, step-by-step, repeatable system for setting and achieving goals.
What students do with the information is out of my control (!) and I cannot guarantee a ‘win’ for everyone.

Success factors for the Goals Accountability Blueprint training include having:

    • A realistic goal to pursue, though you may not achieve it during our time together.
    • A quiet place to faithfully attend the meetings (uninterrupted) and complete the assignments.
    • An engaging, helpful attitude as you interact with your accountability partners.

Still not sure if it’s right for your group?

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