Kathie York, CSQE
Certified Software Quality Engineer
Master of Science in Project Management
(PMBOK based)
CopywriteMatters Confident Copywriter

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Do visitors leave your website so fast it’s called a ‘bounce?’

Could your surveys and courses work better?

(You know the ones I’m talking about!)

And where do you start on … whatever?

I can help with all of it!

Website usability tips

Does your website work as expected?

Are ideal prospects engaging with you?

Asking for more information?

If not, let’s talk about it. 

I’m not a developer. And I’m not here to replace your webmaster.

I am here to help you with your website’s usability.

Because if your site isn’t easy for people to use …
they’re gone. And if they leave super-fast,
the search gods p.e.n.a.l.i.z.e you for the ‘bounce.’

SEO, bots, and those ever-changing search engine rules?
Don’t give a rip about your visitors’ busy schedules.

And SEO’s job is to get visitors to your site … not to keep them there.

My focus (no pun intended cool) is on your readers’ e-y-e-s.

When guests walk through your online door:

  • Is your personality obvious?
  • How quickly do they find what they need … so they hang around?
  • Can they see why you are their solution?
  • Do they have an easy path to a buying decision?
  • Are your credibility factors evident to them?

Click the ‘Let’s talk about …’ button and tell me about your website usability concerns. I can make suggestions for fixing ’em!

“… We also appreciated the expert eye finding trouble areas on our website. Thank you for your efforts.”  ]

Custom tech and text projects

The report you took two weeks to create?

Looks horrible on your client’s computer.
Let’s fix it together.

Your online course?

Hiccups on the 4th slide of the 2nd module.
And a few other places, too.
I can test it and see what’s up.
And next time … let me test it before launch!

Plus, you just realized the survey you sent doesn’t work.

Yeah. Let’s talk about that and let me run through it.
And get you on track to gather your data.

The ‘Chief Make Everyone Love Us Officer’ decided all the testimonials on your website need to do more.

I love creating success story articles for companies, gleaning the gold from testimonials.

Click the ‘Tell me about…’ button to give me a quick overview of the project that doesn’t ‘fit’ anywhere.
Except here. With you and me. Working together.

My varied background as a Software Quality Engineer, website usability, and copywriter provides help where you need it. (My Brit and Aussie buddies call this ‘bespoke.’ It means tailor-made for you. Yep!)

It’ll work. You’ll see.

“… Kathie is professional but never loses the friendly touch that shows she passionately cares about the quality of her work.”  ]

Let me help with your tech or text project

I’ve wrangled websites, software, templates, courses, and documentation for over 30 years.
I bet we can work together to wrestle your project to the ground!

Please check out the testimonials (below) and contact me to start the conversation.


Thank you for going through my website with me. I know it needs a lot of work, and now I have a roadmap. You were so helpful in getting me focused … which is a challenge. I just love those bright shiny objects!”

– Diana Beam, Founder
Indiana Womens’ Small Business Owner’s Network


“Kathie was helpful, encouraging, and supportive about my dreams and goals as I ventured into the website world. She envisioned it all working out and working together. Having Kathie’s coaching, guidance, and support in your corner is priceless. I couldn’t believe she would help me get a sense of direction even before I had a website!

– Katrinna Cherie
Long form freelance writer

“We couldn’t have asked for better files to capture our company well [article and video script]. We also appreciated the expert eye finding trouble areas on our website. Thank you for your efforts.”

– Kris Kessler, Co-Owner
Stall & Kessler’s Diamond Center


“Kathie York provides the most thorough writing services I’ve encountered. She is professional, but never loses the friendly touch that shows she passionately cares about the quality of her work. Her coaching suggestions for my first non-fiction book proved invaluable.

– Brian K. Morris, President
Rising Tide Publications


That second pair of eyes can save your reputation by spotting a misplaced word, misspelling, or awkward sentence structure. Kathie York is your go-to proofreader. She is unafraid to give her opinion, corrects your errors without hesitation, and will help wordsmith your documents into a product
you can be proud of.

– Laurie Teal, Author
Nine Nights: Your New Little Black Book for
Personal Financial Empowerment

“Kathie York takes her project management skills into everything she does. I was a developer on a software effort where she was the PM. She went beyond that role to perform our final testing. It’s great to have Kathie in your corner.”
– Todd Hiltz, CEO at
SharePoint Developer


“As a book publisher for business professionals and niche experts, my clients have an important message to share but don’t always have the skills to communicate it effectively. Kathie York is my favorite go-to editor for their books. She has a knack for improving overall readership.
I highly recommend Kathie as a content editor.”

– Nicole Gebhardt, CEO
Niche Pressworks Publishing


Kathie created a detailed checklist to speed up my work. She even added areas to my worksheets where I could circle something
instead of writing it out, each time. I get reports done faster, and my clients are happy with the result!

– Ronald A. York, NCA
Certified Aircraft Appraiser
York Aircraft Appraisals

Let’s talk about your tech or text projects

Click here to contact me: 

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