Sometimes I pretend to walk to work, but I don’t think I’m fooling anyone.

Guest Podcast

Danielle Hamlet – of Discovery Call Podcast – invited me to guest with her and discuss website usability.

What an honor!

We also looked at my 7 steps to non-overwhelm and how business owners can get a jump start just by following Steps 1-3.

Lots of good show notes for you, plus info on how other business owners can guest with Dani. You’ll see she’s vveerryy good at this!



Website Usability Mini-Webinar

“What the heck is ‘website usability,’ anyway? And why should I care?”
“How easy is it to mess up my Google ranking?”
“Why do I need a website?”

Yeahhhh … I get these questions. A lot.

So here you go:

Let me provide answers to some of your website questions … whether you’ve taken the plunge into ownership or are just thinking about it.

Subscribe to receive my monthly tech and text biz tips and download these free gifts:

  • My mini-webinar (about 40 minutes) full of tips and best practices for your website.
  • A PDF file of the mini-webinar slides. Print them so you won’t have to take so many notes!
  • An infographic of my 7 Steps to Non-Overwhelm Dani Hamlet and I discuss in my guest podcast.

Sure, I know you may grab the goodies and then unsubscribe. I ‘get’ that.

But I hope you won’t, because I provide helpful business tips real people – like you and me – can use.

I promise: no tech-speak, no stuffing your inbox, and no sharing your information. EVER.





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