Kathie and her 6 boxes of books!

My book is here!

Yep! that’s me with 6 boxes o’ books. They’re now squirreled away in my office, ready to go when I present, need a quick client “thank you,” or a gift for hard-working board members of my networking groups.

But hey! both versions (paperback and eBook) are ready for you, too.

Click here for info about my “Welcome to Non-Overwhelm!” book

It’s a Zoomcast!

I’m honored to be part of a Zoomcast series with my webmaster, Karen Estrin.

Karen and I figured,

“Hey! we get together periodically to discuss client questions.
Why not let everyone in on those behind-the-scenes chats?”

Starting in January 2022, we’re using these sessions to create mini workshops for you.

For each topic, we’ll provide tips for ‘changing up’ something in your lead gen, tech, or text world.

Our current plan is to:

  • Address one topic each time.
  • Keep most videos to 15 or fewer minutes.

Sound good?

Here’s an introductory comment from me (< 1 minute), so you can see where we’re headed.

Around here, 2022 is looking ‘more funner’ than 2021!

How about you? (And you did not see me say ‘more funner.’ cool)



Guest Podcast

Danielle Hamlet – of Discovery Call Podcast – invited me to guest with her, discussing website ease of use (‘usability’) to keep visitors on your website.

What an honor!

We also looked at my 7 steps to non-overwhelm and how business owners can get a jump start just by following Steps 1-3.

Lots of good show notes for you, plus info on how other business owners can guest with Dani. You’ll see she’s vveerryy good at this!



Website Usability Mini-Webinar

“What the heck is ‘website usability,’ anyway? And why should I care?”
“How easy is it to mess up my Google ranking?”
“Why do I need a website?”

Yeahhhh … I get these questions. A lot.

Contact me for a copy of my short webinar

Let me provide answers to some of your website questions … whether you’ve taken the plunge into ownership or are just thinking about it.

Our websites can be one of the biggest non-overwhelm stealers for small biz owners.
Let me provide a few easy-to-implement ideas to help you fix that.

You or your webmaster can attend to them almost immediately.
This means your readers can quickly receive a better user experience.
Which also means … they may get to “Yes” faster!

Contact Kathie

Need help reaching non-overwhelm?
Even if tech is involved?!

Give me a brief description of the issue.
Maybe I can help.
No invoice.

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