Kathie and her 6 boxes of books!

My book is here!

Yep! that’s me with 6 boxes o’ books. They’re now squirreled away in my office, ready to go when I present, need a quick client “thank you,” or a gift for hard-working board members of my networking groups.

But hey! both versions (paperback and eBook) are ready for you, too.


It’s a Zoomcast!

I’m honored to be part of a Zoom mini-workshop series with my webmaster, Karen Estrin.

Karen and I figured,

“Hey! we get together periodically to discuss client questions.
Why not let everyone in on those behind-the-scenes chats?”

Starting in January 2022, we began what we call Zoomcasts. Maybe someday we’ll come up with something fancy, but hey, ‘Zoomcast’ works for now cool

For each topic, we provide tips for ‘changing up’ something in your lead gen, tech, or text world.

Our current process is to:

  • Address one topic each time.
  • Keep most videos to 10 or fewer minutes.

Sound good? Click on the ‘Blog/Zoomcasts’ button on the navigation bar (above) to zip over to the mini-workshops.

Just watch, or feel free to pause as needed to work through an issue on your computer.

Here’s an introductory comment from me (< 1 minute), so you can see what it’s all about.

Guest Podcast

In November 2021, Danielle Hamlet – of Discovery Call Podcast – invited me to guest with her, discussing website ease of use (‘usability’) and my non-overwhelm business process.

In August 2022, our time together became one of the recasts Dani scheduled for her vacation time. What an honor to be one of those few people. Click your preferred way to listen, and enjoy!

Guest Podcast

November seems to be my month for guest podcasts! In 2022, the request came from Laurie Re, a strategic business advisor and executive coach.

Laurie held a virtual summit, “Money Making Mamas,” where 10 speakers helped entrepreneur moms with everything from staying healthy to living a life of non-overwhelm.

Yep! that last one was me! It was my honor to serve as one of the speakers.

Here’s a replay of that interview. Enjoy


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