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 Technical Writing

From gap analyses and pre-UAT software testing to end-user guides and ensuring project management docs follow the PMBOK.

Plus, I can help you turn high-tech explanations into words ‘real people’ understand.


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You’re not sure how to make your online (or on paper) words sing? No problem. I’m your new music teacher!

Let’s work together, craft your message, and display your awesomeness.

Results = a beautiful thing!

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Tech Wrangling

Fussy online course materials? URL links that don’t work? Your document looks horrible on your client’s computer?

Go for a walk while I wrangle the tech and show you how to fix it next time. Oops!

Don’t trip over the company dog on your way out the door!

[ “Kathie went beyond her PM role to test software for us.” ]

Kathie York, CSQE
Lead Tech

Companies We've Worked With

[You can listen to this section’s text.]


My a-l-m-o-s-t client cracked open the huge box.

He peeked inside, grinned, and handed me a training manual for the upcoming seminar.

53-page-four-color books
133 of ’em

Oh yeah. Expensive.

I plopped down at a workstation and went through a couple of pages.


The proofers had missed typos in the manuals.

Plus, there were broken links in the application

I looked up at my buddy and asked:

“Does this whole chapter work around these links?”

Yes! Everything for the next 10 pages started right there!

“Uhhh … these don’t go where you think they go.”

It was a pin drop moment.

The training started in 24 hours.

With 133 c-o-r-p-o-r-a-t-e attendees.

Here’s what happened:

The people who wrote the training manuals proofed them.
And the team that created the application?
Yup.  Tested it.

Let’s do the math:

[Create it] + [Check your own work] = [REwork]

Let me help YOU avoid these kinds of tech and text issues

“You need your tech active and making you look good every minute of every day.

Not only that, but your words must sound like you and move prospects to ‘Sure!’

When we collaborate to reach these goals, it all comes together.


Kathie York

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