About Kathie

“Is there anyone who’ll l.i.s.t.e.n.
to my work and life concerns?

Or help me figure out
this goals ‘thing’?”

Yep. That would be me!


I needed a change

During my 30+ years ‘working for the man,’ I spent a bunch o’ time translating – for my fellow employees – what managers and the tech team threw at them.

That included everything from business processes to those (sorry) goofy brainstorming exercises that went nowhere. Just sayin’.

It was great reaching people one-to-one

But, I had to go somewhere one-to-one was my job.
Not something I did on a coffee break.

The turning point

It was time to strike out on my own.

As a consultant, I had varied experiences to take with me:

Technical writer/trainer … goals instructor … biz analyst … IT liaison

I had the background for helping people figure out the scary stuff.

But I needed a new backdrop.


Livin’ the dream

When I started my company, ‘entrepreneur’ was a dirty word. And without the corporate safety net, it was tough going. There was a huge gap between well-meaning courses and the real world of small business.

And when was the last time you found online (live or self-paced) goals training that (a) didn’t break the bank, (b) wasn’t boring, and (c) supported you as you worked to reach goals?

Yeah. Thought so.

I had to figure it out on my own. But you don’t have to because I

          • Provide practical tips for conquering your work and life chaos. Even with tech.
          • Help you set and achieve goals … alllmost painlessly. cool

Let’s get you to non-overwhelm

Email me about a work or life issue you’re having right now.

Let’s discuss it briefly. No invoice.
Sometimes, a quick, fresh-pair-of-eyes suggestion can get you unstuck.

In the meantime, check these out:

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Kathie York is the Queen of Non-Overwhelm and a goals accountability trainer. Students love her unique goals training program (the ultimate in non-overwhelm, right?) Check it out here. Although Kathie’s office is near Indianapolis, Indiana [U.S.], she works with colleagues worldwide.

Kathie’s “Non-Overwhelm” book!

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Need help reaching non-overwhelm?
Even if tech is involved?!

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Maybe I can help.
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