About Kathie

“Is there anyone who’ll l.i.s.t.e.n. to my business concerns?
The little, every-day stuff?
And not charge me a bazillion bucks?


Yep. Let’s get you to non-overwhelm.


I needed a change

During my 30+ years ‘working for the man,’ I spent a bunch o’ time translating – for my fellow employees – what the tech team threw at them.

Everything from business processes to handling that new online tool.

It was great reaching people one-to-one.

But, I had to go somewhere one-to-one was my job.
Not something I did on a coffee break!


The turning point

It was time to go out on my own.

And I had a lot of varied experiences to take along with me:

Technical training and writing … government documentation … liaison between techies and – um – real people!


I had the background. I just needed a new backdrop.

My main ‘cockpit’ when I know someone’s gonna take a picture. Just sayin’!

Livin’ the dream

When I started my own business, I discovered there was a huge gap between well-meaning courses, high-profile business books, and the real world.

So … I had to figure it out on my own.

When others asked me my secret to being calm as a business owner, I told ’em.

    • I’ve built non-overwhelm into my daily, basic processes.
    • A debilitating illness put me on the right path to “You can’t do it all.”
    • I learned how to e.a.s.i.l.y. wrangle my admin and paperwork!

Let’s get you to biz non-overwhelm

No froufrou. No weird stuff. No thousand-dollar bait-n-switch course.

I listen and make suggestions based on the way the real world works.
Because I ‘get it.’ I’ve stood where you’re standing.

Tell me about a biz issue you’re having right now. Let’s discuss it briefly. No invoice. Send me an overview of the problem.

I usually reply within 24 hours on [U.S.] weekdays.

In the meantime, check these out:


My “Welcome to Non-Overwhelm!” book is ready for you! Click here for info.

“Let me see the services Kathie offers.”

“What’s goin’ on with Kathie’s blog posts?”

“Let me check out client testimonials.”

And while you’re here, find the latest from Karen Estrin and me with our Zoomcasts. These are quick, mini-workshops for your tech and text world. You can find an overview on my Resources page, plus Click here to just listen or to update your own projects!



Contact Kathie

Need help reaching non-overwhelm?
Even if tech is involved?!

Give me a brief description of the issue.
Maybe I can help.
No invoice.

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