Overview – Goals Accountability Blueprint

Do you have unfulfilled dreams?

Or unmet objectives?

You struggle to achieve goals?

Let’s fix that!

If you ‘blew it’ with your New Year’s resolutions, you’re not alone.

According to U.S. News & World Report, 80% of people give up on their resolutions …
by the second week in F.e.b.r.u.a.r.y!


You’re in good company. But guess what?

You get a do-over!

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Goals Accountability Blueprint training


Hi! I’m Kathie York, the Queen of Non-Overwhelm, a former biology teacher, and a project manager.

Oof! So … yeah. 

I’ve had plenty of experience creating nonboring curricula, adding a bit o’ fun to teaching the tricky stuff, and strategically guiding ‘goals ducks’ into rows.

Why did I pivot to using my skills as a Goals Accountability instructor?

Well … I had an interesting experience after releasing my book Welcome to Non-Overwhelm: Conquering biz and life chaos, starting today.

Readers kept asking me, “Can you help me reach goals? I can set them, but I let everything get in the way of reaching them.”

I began researching courses so I could point them to a good one.

So now … like you … I’ve suffered through the wasted time (and money) of goals courses full of psychobabble and boring video lectures. Y-a-w-n.

These courses promised incredible support but ended up being a Facebook group … where you never saw the (supposed) guru. And – with 93 people on the few-and-far-between live calls – your questions would never have been answered.

Sound familiar?

  • Where was the affordable, live, online, s.e.n.s.i.b.l.e goals instructor? Someone I could send you to?
  • Where was someone to coach you in real-time and answer your questions?
  • How about the trainer who was there every minute, helping you reach your goal?

No one offered that course.
So, I created it.
I’d love to tell you about it.


Let’s work together !

Here’s what other people have said

“You put a twist on goals setting that is familiar but new.”

~ Ken BraytonWordPress developer

“Just getting things written down and then being held accountable helped me get the goal done!”

~ Karen EstrinChick in Charge at LocalWerxAffordable marketing solutions with monthly support and an easy-to-use platform

“I found fresh approaches to goals here and especially liked having the bonus 1:1 session with my coach.”

~ Danielle Hamlet | Social media and email marketing (trained in the group setting)

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