Welcome to Non-Overwhelm

When Kathie York started her company, ‘entrepreneur’ was a dirty word.

There was no one to advise her on practical ways to keep business + life working together.

She was overwhelmed.

Thankfully for us, she didn’t stay that way! In this small-but-mighty quick read, Kathie

  • Delivers her 7 essential steps to non-overwhelm.
  • Passes her guidelines to us, no strings attached.
  • Provides practical tips for conquering chaos (even tech).
  • Offers her #1 trick to staying on schedule.
  • Presents an understandable mini technology primer.

Enjoy Kathie’s humor as she weaves the story of reaching non-overwhelm. You’ll be surprised at what she’s packed into these 64 pages!

Save a bunch of wasted time as you learn tips for getting it right … right from the start.

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Welcome to non-overwhelm!

Front cover of Non-Overwhelm book

Kathie York has 30+ years of experience as a trainer, tech writer, and software tester all over the U.S.

Her background allows her to reach clients in various disciplines, helping them create their non-overwhelm.

Kathie and her husband Ron share Indianapolis as their hometown but now reside in northwest Indiana (via Shreveport, Louisiana; Jacksonville, Florida; and Albuquerque, New Mexico).

The ‘pet’ squirrel in their backyard loves almonds, pecans, and walnuts … and hopes this family stays put!



Quick & to the point
“starting today” means exactly that! Most self help books are vague and don’t offer step by step directions but this one does it so well that I was able to start using the tips even after the first chapter. It also validated methods I was already implementing on my own which honestly feels good to know that I am already on the right track! My fav….’Be still and know that I am God’…because when I remember Who is on my side, well….it gives me Peace in the storm.” ~ Keith Kuehl, May 9, 2022 

My Journey to Non-Overwhelmed Begins Today
“As the author states, setting up your business and life to achieve a state of not being totally overwhelmed by everything takes time. It’s a process and Kathie carefully and clearly lays out a path you can follow to get to that state of peaceful harmony with yourself. The author’s experience and expertise in project management are put to good use in this easy-to-read ebook. Sprinkled with humor and her own personal trials and struggles in achieving a non-overwhelmed life, Kathie seems more like a personal friend guiding your forward and not like a demanding coach barking out orders. She leads by example – do as I do, not do as I say. I highly recommend this easy-to-read yet very practical guide to structuring your life and business so that you don’t feel constantly overwhelmed.”  ~ Kenneth W. Brayton, May 6, 2022


Bravo!! 5 Stars for a Book that Brings Peace to Overwhelm and Calm to Chaos!
“Thank you Kathy for providing common sense solutions to the constant challenges business owners and professionals experience daily. From organizing files to structuring your time, this book is full of amazing, easy to execute steps that will allow you to be effective at your job without feeling overly burdened, stressed or overwhelmed.

Not only do Kathy’s tips set the stage for you to be more creative and productive, you will have time to do the things you truly want to do with the people you love.

Her “just do it” advice, along with taking time for yourself, and understanding when to say “no” all place you on the path to increased performance at work.

I will be incorporating all of Kathy’s gems into my business and I recommend you do the same. They are small changes but small changes consistently done bring big results.”  ~ Lisa Charles, May 9, 2022


A collection of gold nuggets
“One of the most obvious benefits of this book is that it lives up to its title – it’s not an overwhelming read. Brief, yet filled with practical tips and advice.

I have tried time blocking my calendar many times in the past without much success – but I like Kathie’s tip of sticking with your calendar for a week no matter what, and instead of changing it midstream or ignoring it, make notes as to what didn’t work. Then for next week, adjust your blocking based on your notes. Then rinse and repeat until you get a schedule that works for you.

Lots of other topics in here as well mind you. Something for everyone!” ~ Mr. Jason Foss, May 6, 2022


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