Guest Appearance: “Shut it down!”

by | Aug 25, 2022

What a great time with executive coach Laurie Re!
I was honored to be a presenter for her 2022 virtual summit, Money Making Mamas. The focus was (mostly) mom-preneurs, and there was so much good info we could all use. 
Laurie discovered me on Pinterest ( kathieyork1 ) through my Step 6 to Non-Overwhelm post. It’s about – you guessed it! – shutting everything down each week to give us time off to spend with family, a good book, or … naps. 😎
Thank goodness I created that PIN.



Kathie York is the Queen of Non-Overwhelm and your Goals Accountability instructor. She helps you reach peace and calm at work and in life. In 2022, Kathie launched her practical Goals Accountability Blueprint training. Click here for more info!


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