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2023 Preview

In January, my monthly post is a [QW] (‘quick win’) focusing on a safety tip if you don’t shut down your computer at the end of each day.

For February, I’m sharing one ‘filler’ word that may save you a bunch o’ money … if you leave it out of your written materials! (When someone edits for you, you’re usually charged by the word.)

When I edited a 100-page book years ago, I found this word 300 times. Yeah. We’re talking 3 per page on average (!), and most had to be removed. But … the client had paid for all 300.

You just never know what I’ll pop into your non-overwhelm folder to help calm the angst! 😎

I hope to talk with you soon about helping you find biz and life non-overwhelm,

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Kathie York is the Queen of Non-Overwhelm, a business operations consultant, and a goals accountability life coach. Although her office is near Indianapolis, Indiana [U.S.], Kathie works with colleagues worldwide. Please find information about her book, Welcome to Non-Overwhelm! Conquering biz and life chaos … starting today here:

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