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Tax Prep Checklist

Use this handy free checklist to help non-overwhelm ‘tax time,’ wrangle your paperwork, and get everything ready for your preparer. You’ll find a full-color and a printer-friendly black and white copy.

Guest Apperances

Guest Expert on Facebook Live:

Mastering your goals

It was my honor to join Belinda Weaver, as her guest expert, for a Facebook Live event in June 2023. Belinda is my coach for all things biz writing, plus company processes to make life easier.

(After seeing her here, you may want her as your coach, too!)

Belinda and I briefly discussed:

• Building non-overwhelm into our schedules.
• How each project we tackle … huge or tiny … is a goal.
• My Goals Accountability Blueprint course.

Check out our chat on Facebook or LinkedIn (no account needed).

It’s a quick 24 minutes. Hang on!

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 Guest Expert on LinkedIn Live:

Reaching Non-Overwhelm in Business and Life

What a great half-hour with Gillian Whitney, video guru!

Gillian makes videos (on LinkedIn or elsewhere) an ‘easy peasy’ addition to your get-the-word-out toolbox. In May 2023, Gillian asked me to join her in a conversation about reaching non-overwhelm.

Well hey! there’s a topic that’s near and dear to my heart!

You’ll see I’m on my phone and we discuss how a tech glitch could have dumped the entire program. But, in true non-overwhelm style, we calmly worked through the problem together and came up with a solution. We finally solved it with only 20 seconds to go before airtime. Yikes!

We just about cover it all. From:

  • Taking control of our online world to keeping electronics at bay at home.
  • Tips from my Goals Accountability Blueprint training to some goodies in my book.
  • Discovering we can’t do it all to paving the way to saying “No.”

Gillian and I had fun and learned a lot. I hope you will, too!

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Kathie and her 6 boxes of books!

My book is here!

Yep! that’s me with 6 boxes o’ books. They’re now squirreled away in my office, ready to go when I present, need a quick client “thank you,” or a gift for hard-working board members of my networking groups.

But hey! both versions (paperback and eBook) are ready for you, too.


Guest Expert – Discovery Call Podcast

How to create Non-Overwhelm in your business

In November 2021, Danielle Hamlet – of Discovery Call Podcast – invited me to guest with her, discussing website ease of use (‘usability’) and my non-overwhelm business process.

In August 2022, our time together became one of the recasts Dani scheduled for her vacation time. What an honor to be one of those few people. Click your preferred way to listen, and enjoy!

Guest Expert on Money Making Mamas Podcast

“Shut it down!”

November seems to be my month for guest podcasts! In 2022, the request came from Laurie Re, a strategic business advisor and executive coach.

Laurie held a virtual summit, “Money Making Mamas,” where 10 speakers helped entrepreneur moms with everything from staying healthy to living a life of non-overwhelm.

Yep! That last one was me! It was my honor to serve as one of the speakers.

Laurie and I focused on my Step 6 to Non-Overwehlm: “Shut it down!” This talks about learning to say, “No” and realizing … we can’t be all things to all people all the time.

Here’s a replay of that interview. Enjoy!

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