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Kathie York, CSQE
Lead Writer

My a-l-m-o-s-t client cracked open the huge box UPS just delivered.

He peeked inside, grinned, and handed me a training manual for his upcoming seminar.

53-page-four-color books
133 copies

Oh yeah. Expensive.

I plopped down at the nearest classroom computer and tested a few of the exercises.


I discovered critical text edits his team had missed.

And then I found the biggie.

Was … was I … missing something?

With a puzzled look on my face, I asked:

“This whole exercise is based on these links?”

Yes! everything for the next four pages started right there!

“Uhhh … these links don’t go where you think they go.”

It was a pin drop moment.

And the class started in 24 hours.

Here’s what happened:

The same team that created the project tested the
software and proofed the manuals.

Let’s do the math:

[Create it]  +  [Check your own work]  =  [REwork]

(It can also = missing your deadline.)

  • Office, website, and process documentation
  • Website text and pre-UAT software checks
  • PMBOK files as you work toward that PMP certification

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