“Who kidnapped these two words?!”

“Who kidnapped these two words?!”

Don't you think we need a break from the intensive January and February posts? Yeah, I agree. Here ya go. I don't often jump on my writing rebel soapbox (not here, anyway 😎 ). But, today is different. 'Cause this is creepy. Invasion of the Body Snatchers weird. A...

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“Say WHAT?!”

As a proofer, I sometimes shake my head in wonder and chuckle at word problems. This headline, for example: How Much it Costs for a Family to Live in 20 U.S. Cities "Say what?!" I thought it was difficult paying our bills, but 20 different places to keep up? The...

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Brit-speak: is it just me?

In early 2016 - you may recall with great trepidation - the series Downton Abbey ended its run on PBS (the Public Broadcasting System in the United States). And lo! there was an outcry in the land! Whether it's Downton Abbey, Victoria, or Poldark, if you watch a lot...

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‘Him,’ ‘Me,’ and ‘I’: Grammar Check

‘Him,’ ‘Me,’ and ‘I’: Grammar Check

(Originally published on March 2, 2016) “I’m correcting your grammar in my head.” Oh, how I wish I had bought that sign for my office, just to start each day with a grin ... or a grumble, depending on the situation. Here's one of the 'grumbles': Over the past couple...

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‘Actually’ + ‘Literally’ = Yikes!

  “What did I say? Did I start my sentence ... with ... ‘actually’?” Not Kathie York, the grammar doyenne! Surely not. Unfortunately, Mrs. York’s Mr. York – with a twinkle in his eye because he’d caught me in a 'filler' word faux pas – corroborated it: “Yes, you...

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