[QW16] Is ‘farther’ or ‘further’ correct?

[ Quick Win posts – QWs – are brief items to help non-overwhelm your day. Enjoy! ]     I don't provide a lot of grammar-type Quick Wins nowadays (let me know if you'd like to see those, again), but I thought it was time to throw this one into the mix. In my...

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A fun look at the Oxford comma squabble!

A fun look at the Oxford comma squabble!

Hey, everyone! A bit of a change-up, this month, as I give you a peek into my world of writing. OH! No, no, no! Don't click away! I promise: you're going to have fun. Here we go …. Try this when you get bored: 1. Corral a few writers in a room. 2. Ask, "Do you use the...

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“Say WHAT?!”

As a proofer, I sometimes shake my head in wonder and chuckle at word problems. This headline, for example: How Much it Costs for a Family to Live in 20 U.S. Cities "Say what?!" I thought it was difficult paying our bills, but 20 different places to keep up? The...

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“Can I use ‘their’ in sentences ?”

One of the things I especially like about having my own writing business is the ability to help when a volunteer group needs a newsletter or a final look-see for a website. This is one place I can ‘give back to the community,’ as well as help someone who is in panic...

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‘Him,’ ‘Me,’ and ‘I’: Grammar Check

‘Him,’ ‘Me,’ and ‘I’: Grammar Check

(Originally published on March 2, 2016) “I’m correcting your grammar in my head.” Oh, how I wish I had bought that sign for my office, just to start each day with a grin ... or a grumble, depending on the situation. Here's one of the 'grumbles': Over the past couple...

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