Check out these writing tips from author Jerry B. Jenkins. For reals!

by | Sep 4, 2019

A publisher buddy, Brian K. Morris (Rising Tide Publications), sent me a gift.

After just 30 seconds, I knew I would share these writing tips with you.

As a copywriter, editor, and proofer, I was excited to discover this short coaching video.

It’s packed with surprising ideas for authors …

… and it’s mostly new stuff I hadn’t considered!

Even if you aren’t working on a book, this is solid gold:

How to Write a Book: 13 Steps from a Bestselling Author
by Jerry B. Jenkins


That Jerry Jenkins … of Left Behind fame, among many other books.

Don’t let the number of steps or the ‘… Write a Book …’ part discourage you.

This video is

• Fewer than 18 minutes long.
• Packed with better information than I could provide you.
• Applicable to any type of writing.

Even if you hate to write but are forced into it at work, you’ll benefit from Mr. Jenkins’ writing tips and down-to-earth approach to our craft.

You may need to scale it back a bit, but there’s plenty of info you can adapt.

Interesting narrative

Jerry weaves an interesting narrative (no surprise), promising us writing is do-able, but it is not an easy or fast process (as some scammers want us to believe).

In these 13 foundational steps, you’ll discover (among other things) how to:

Not ‘turn off’ a publisher!
• Work through the ‘marathon in the middle’ of your project.
• Make your writing process work more smoothly.
• Decide if your idea is something people want to read.
• Make an outline, even if you’re a ‘pantser’ (watch and learn the term :->).

[This is not an affiliate link. I do not receive compensation if you ‘click through.’]


Let’s send a ‘Thank you’ to Jerry

Now I know why all-l-l-l those Left Behind books are so hard to put down!

It’s time to apply Jerry’s process to our writing and check out his free resources.

More importantly, if you appreciate the video training or any of Jerry’s books, why not leave him an encouraging note of thanks?

He’s gone out of his way to give us superb information in this training.

Don’t forget!

Don’t forget to come back – after the video – and share your takeaways, here!

I’ve left you a few prompts (below), but feel free to add your own topics.


Join the Conversation:

• What was your first “Ah HAH!” moment while watching the video?
• Did you have a favorite step from Jerry’s process list? Why was it your fave?
• If you could edit his list, what would you change or add?

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Let’s all learn from each other!


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