[GOALS 3-6!] Rethinking the goals process

by | Jul 22, 2023

As the Queen of Non-Overwhelm, I help people find ways to weave peace and calm into their lives. And that includes wrestling to the ground that dreaded serenity killer: reaching goals.

Here are a few practical ideas for achieving your goals, not just setting them. I’ll briefly demonstrate ways you can leave the angst behind and:

  • Pursue the right target … for right now.
  • Incorporate reusable steps into your goals method.
  • Keep your objective top of mind.
  • Find a fun way to stick with it and help others.

[GOALS 3-6!] Rethinking the goals process

I’ve compiled this series into one article for you, providing an all-in-one-place high-level review for setting and achieving objectives.

You’ll find some new items even if you’ve taken my Goals Accountability Blueprint course. And you’ll be encouraged when you come across something where you can say, “Hey! I remember that!” 😊 


I’ve set up a weekly format for you. You can work faster, of course,
but weekly may keep you in the non-overwhelm space.

[Goal 3]

Week 1: Figuring out where to start

We have five main types of goals:

• Faith
• Family
• Finances
• Development (personal or professional)
• ‘Things’ (items we don’t need but want)

The first step is deciding the outcome you want to pursue now. You can’t do everything at once.

(Note: ‘Things’ – at the bottom of the list for a reason – should never come first!)


At this moment, you may need to start with finances. Pay down some debt, or save for a big purchase, perhaps.  

Or maybe your immediate family is your focus: doing things together instead of going in five different directions. Sorry, but “We have a busy lifestyle” is not a badge of honor.


This week: In a small notebook, write down the most important objective to pursue n-o-w. (No screens … paper notebook, please. I’ll explain in Week 3.)

Next time: I’ll discuss planning steps to reach your desired result.



[Goal 4]

In Week 1, I asked you to select your most important objective to pursue n-o-w.

This time, we’ll expand on that as we look at the first phase of goal success.

Week 2: Plan steps to reach your target

Surprise! An objective doesn’t belong on your daily to-do list.

It isn’t a quick fix. Otherwise, it would be done. Right?

Achieving your desired outcome may take weeks, months, or even years. For example, you won’t quickly accomplish the “Plan the 200-person Family Reunion” task.

Begin herding goal ducks into rows by thinking through steps to reach your target. You’re creating a personalized strategic goals plan for success, after all!


This week: In your small notebook, write down the first 3 steps for achieving your objective.

Next time: I’ll show you how to stay on track by making your project ‘real.’

Want to know more about planning steps to achieve an outcome?
Check out my Goals Accountability Blueprint course.



[Goal 5]

In the past two weeks, you’ve taken two essential steps toward wrangling a goal. You have:

• Decided what to pursue right now.
• Written down the first three steps to achieve it.

Now I’ll show you how to keep your target visible.

Week 3: Keep tabs on your desired result

You’ve already made your goal real. How? You wrote it down on paper.

Our eyes and brains are made to process what’s happening in the real world.

Physically writing something down with a stick (pen or pencil – ha!) helps it click in our brains. Writing it down several times is even better.

  1. Grab some index cards – yes, you can still buy those – and place handwritten copies of your objective where you’ll see it often.

  2. Keep copies on the bathroom mirror, in your car, tucked inside your backpack, or even on the book ‘shelf’ on your treadmill at the gym, if it has one. Wherever you spend a lot of time.

  3. Review the cards regularly. Make them the center of your focus. Please don’t ignore them. Every time you read your objective, your mind works on achieving it.

Your goal is your compass, telling you which way to go. The exciting part? You get to choose the alignment of your compass.


This week: Write your objective on at least 3 index cards. Place the cards in different places where you’ll read them regularly.

Next time: I’ll show you a motivator to ensure you don’t give up on your project.



[Goal 6]

If you’re playing along, you’re doing great! Even if reaching your target will take a while, you’ve solidified it in your mind as something important. You have:

• Written it down.
• Added the first 3 steps to achieve it.
• Created reminder cards.

In some ways, today’s assignment might be the most difficult!

Week 4: Tell someone about your project

Have you heard the term’ accountability partner’? This is where the rubber meets the road to completing your project.

There’s no turning back once you take this step!

According to Howard Klein, an Ohio State University [U.S.] business professor, “… in most cases, you get more benefit from sharing your goal than if you don’t – as long as you share it with someone whose opinion you value.”*

Too many people keep their goals a secret ju-u-ust in case they ‘blow it.’
Take Mr. Klein’s advice.
Ask that treasured friend to share accountability partner duties with you.

Share? Why not?
Your buddy likely has an outcome they’re trying to reach, too.

You’ll both have someone to keep you on track with a weekly check-in. And neither of you will think less of the other if it doesn’t turn out exactly how you’d hoped. That non-overwhelms the whole thing, right there!

And really … who wants to disappoint their accountability partner? No one!


This week: Select a friend as your co-accountability partner to help both of you achieve a goal.

Next time: Week 5 is the wrap-up for my series. Keep on keepin’ on ’til then.


* Article containing Howard Klein quote  



Thank you so much for taking this journey with me. You have been busy the past 4 weeks! You:

• Determined the target to pursue at this time.
• Began writing down the steps to achieve it.
• Found a way to keep it in front of you.
• Grabbed an accountability partner.
• Achieved a goal each week.

Did you catch that last one? Yep. Each week during this series, you closed the deal on an objective.

“What?! How?”

If you completed the assignment from each “This week:” section, that was getting a result d.o.n.e. (“Ain’t” I sneaky? 😎 )


Week 5: You’re on your way!

As you step out on your own, don’t forget: your objective and the actions you take to achieve it are not the same thing.

Don’t be afraid to try something, fail, and try something else.
Almost everything in our homes is the outcome of trial-and-error steps!

You have a handle on the actions it will take to wrangle your goal, but remember that most objectives take m.a.n.y. steps to achieve. (Unless it’s “Eat that candy bar.” Just sayin’.)

Even if you misstep, that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with your target. Or with you. Everyone makes mistakes.

Please don’t use an error as an excuse to abandon a sensible project.


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