Happy World Turtle Day

by | May 23, 2018

OK  … nuthin’ difficult here, today.

Just a new feature on the website (Fun Holiday) and a cute joke:

What does a snail say when he’s riding on the back of a turtle?
He says, “Whe-e-e-e!”
(Nope. It doesn’t take much to entertain me.)

World Turtle Day

For those freelancers who might need a ‘different’ type of news story to offer a client, check out a list of fun holidays.

That’s what I did to start this extra feature at KathieYork.com.

My first holiday is near-and-dear to my heart: “World Turtle Day.”

In case someone else had a couple of these guys in their dorm room aquarium, let’s salute one of my favorite critters: turtles.

Sorry former roomies, but I loved these little guys.

That’s what you get for living with a biology major!

Happy World Turtle Day
May 23, 2018

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  1. Shirley Kufeldt

    My niece found a small turtle by the side of the road decades ago when she was growing up. I still remember his name: Feckler the Turtle. Long gone by now but the small memory remains.

    • Kathie York

      Isn’t it amazing how they are still ‘with us,’ no matter how long ago they were in our lives?
      Cute critters.
      Thanks for the comment, K.


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