It’s Left-Handers’ Day

by | Aug 13, 2018

Hey, freelance journalists, here’s a ‘newsjack’ idea for you:

Have schools’ attitudes about left-handers changed?

When my dad grew up, schools forced retraining of ‘southpaws.’

Or tried to, until they came up against Gramma Mary. 😎

She intervened and embraced ‘left-handed.’

I suppose it was her equivalent of “God doesn’t make junk.”

I’m right-handed and broke my arm when I was a kid.

Learning to write with my left hand? Oof!

Going against the natural inclination is hard work, I can tell you.

For all the moms, dads, and teachers out there who let their ‘lefties be lefties,’ I commend you.

Happy Left-Handers’ Day!
  August 13

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