National Pasta Day!

by | Oct 12, 2018

‘Newsjack’ alert for writers: National Pasta Day is fast approaching.

According to the National Pasta Day website:

“Marco Polo did not discover pasta in Asia and take it to Italy. Early Romans used a very simple flour and water dough: pasta is Italian for ‘dough.’”

Interestingly, Thomas Jefferson introduced pasta to the United States when he transported a pasta machine – along with crates of macaroni – from Naples.

Quote and Jefferson information captured June 14, 2018 from

The Husband and I are eating out on the 17th to celebrate.

But … today … maybe the restaurant needs a quick blurb written about this event?


Check with your fave pasta eatery!

Gotta love a celebration for pasta!

Happy National Pasta Day
  October 17

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  1. kiyomi

    Kathie! I’ve been trying my best to go gluten free, but after reading your article, all I can think about is a big bowl of ribbon pasta with some spicy bolognese sauce. At the end of this day, I may be forced to give in!

    • Kathie York


      Sorry about that, but it’s nice to know the blog ‘gets’ to people :->
      What a fun holiday – and a great time to try restaurant gluten-free pasta (’cause IIII can never seem to make it come out right!).


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