Newsjack alert! A twist on Thanksgiving

by | Nov 7, 2020

Enjoy this first post from the new website!

Thanks to the team at Worry Free Sites for non-overwhelming the end of 2020 for me. Such a blessing.


‘Newsjacking’ is grabbing a story in the news to give it an interesting twist.

I decided to combine two stories. Let’s see what happens!

Today, I’m backing out of the tech and text world and jumping into a little (U.S.) history lesson with a thought-provoking development at the end.

A beloved holiday

In the United States, we are approaching our annual Thanksgiving holiday.

If you’ve watched the craziness in our country this year, you’ve seen many who are wwaayy confused in the American history department.

Let’s make sure we have the story straight before using it as an excuse to destroy cities.

The wrench in the works

One of our problems is the 1619 Project. It taints the brave people who sailed for two months on the Mayflower to establish a colony here.

They fled religious persecution and set out for the New World.

Among several incorrect items, the 1619 Project sets the arrival of the Pilgrims in the wrong year.

It also blames them for bringing slavery to this continent (which is untrue) and was part of the excuse for the insurrection in our streets this year.

The first Pilgrims arrived in September 1620 – not 1619 – and they did not bring slaves with them. (Slaves arrived as early as the 1500s.)

Seven weeks ago, we celebrated the 400th anniversary of those settlers landing 200 (cold!) miles farther north than anticipated.

Our Thanksgiving tradition began with the Pilgrims’ first harvest. They gathered, in the fall of 1621, to thank God for their miraculous survival.

A perfect holiday for a unique story

Your country may celebrate a time of thanksgiving, too. I wanted to share an intriguing twist to our account as we head toward the fourth Thursday in November (our Thanksgiving Day).

Squanto book

I had forgotten about the Pilgrims finding an English-speaking native – in the land that would become America – when they arrived in 1620.

How did that happen? Well … someone has written that story!

Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving (by Eric Metaxas) shares the gripping tale.

This is a quick, easy, curl-up-on-the-couch-with-your-kid teaching moment about the USA’s beginnings.

The book is inexpensive (<$10 USD when I checked in September), has excellent art, children love it, and it isn’t boring for adults. A significant achievement, right?

No matter when you celebrate it in your country,
let me wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.
I hope you have a chance to enjoy this engaging story from our history.

Here are URLs to Eric’s book

Take me to the book on Eric’s site.

Take me to the book on

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  1. Norman Phelps

    Thanks for another enlightening article. Will definitely read the book and also watch the movie “Squanto: A Warrior’s Tale”. Take care. Stay safe.

    • Kathie York

      Thanks, Norman.

      I need to check into that movie!
      Happy Thanksgiving in a few weeks,


  2. Robyn Smith

    Thanks Kathie!
    Our family owns that book and reads it traditionally each Thanksgiving. It’s one of the best non-biblical examples I know of God’s hand guiding our HIStory.
    God bless your Thanksgiving, too!

    • Kathie York

      It is a wonderful book, Robyn.
      How encouraging to find someone else who knows of – and uses – this tiny tome.
      Every time I hear or read this story, it’s a sort of “Sound of Music” moment: I get so caught up in it, I wonder how it will turn out this time!
      Thanks for stopping by, and Happy Thanksgiving! K.

  3. Shawn

    I’ll have to check out the book/movie with the kiddo. Thanks for the info. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Kathie York

      I think you’ll like it. Short, sweet, beautiful illustrations.
      The last time I checked, there was no movie attached to this specific book, although there was an audio play at one time. Perhaps on Audible, now?

      Norman Phelps mentioned one of the movies in his comment.

      Thanks for lending me some of your time, and Happy Thanksgiving backatcha!

  4. Kathie York

    Thanks, Sharlene!

    This one took a lot of work, and I’m glad you enjoyed it.
    Makes it all worth it!

  5. Karen

    Thank you Kathie for the book recommendation! I just ordered it and will be sharing it with our grandchildren when we visit for Thanksgiving! Love your website, too! Very warm and inviting.

    • Kathie York

      Wonderful! It’s small but powerful.
      Thank you so much for the remarks about the site.
      I’ve just relaunched with a new webmaster who does her clients proud.
      ‘Warm and inviting’ is just what I wanted to accomplish.
      It’s heartening to discover all the hard work was worth it.
      Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the book!


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