Word ‘puzzlers’

[QW6] Is “Everyone has …” or “… have …” correct?

If you've followed along with the Quick Wins from the beginning, this is where it starts paying off! In [QW1], we discussed a team is a collection of people making up: A group An entity (one - 'it'). The team has a chance to win. It has a chance to win. Although it...

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[QW5] “It’s” vs. “Its”

Here is a problematic word puzzler where one outlier does not follow the rule. [QW5] "It's" vs. "Its" We often find an apostrophe demonstrating ownership: The dog's bone A company's logo A Ferengi's tooth sharpener (If you're not a Star Trek fan, never mind 🙂 ) We...

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[QW4] ‘Democratic’ vs. ‘Democrat’

Okay, pet peeve time. We in the U.S. are ramping up to an election in early November. And I guarantee: we will hear and see the word 'democratic' misused 99% of the time between now and then. Well ... forever, really. Few of us – including grammar pundits and the...

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[QW3] Don’t confuse ‘I’ and ‘me’

[Surprise! I'm experimenting with sending my posts on Saturday mornings. It's history makin', and you're part of it ;-). Thanks for tagging along. Enjoy, K.] One of the most difficult things to get right in sentences is 'I' and 'me.' [QW3] Don't confuse 'I' and 'me'...

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[QW2] Never (!) refer to people as ‘that’

Welcome back to Quick Wins for those pesky 'word puzzlers' in our lives. This month's offering is one of my biggies: [QW2] Never (!) refer to people as 'that' If you've ever asked me to edit for you, you are probably aware I'm a 'That' Nazi. This is what some of my...

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[QW1] Companies and groups are not people!

  Hey! What's all this 'QW' stuff in the headline?! Well-l-l, I recently looked back through some project management notes, where I discovered a pattern of easy-to-fix tech issues and 'word puzzlers' gone wild. 😉  To help us all stamp out these recurring...

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