[QW6] Is “Everyone has …” or “… have …” correct?

by | Oct 17, 2020

If you’ve followed along with the Quick Wins from the beginning, this is where it starts paying off!

In [QW1], we discussed a team is a collection of people making up:

  • A group
  • An entity (one – ‘it’).
The team has a chance to win.
It has a chance to win.

Although it usually refers to a large group, ‘everyone’ works the same way.

[QW6] Is it “Everyone has…” or “… have…”?

Everyone has a chance to win.
Has everyone reviewed the work?
I know everyone has a copy of the file.

You could replace ‘everyone’ with ‘it’ and still have viable sentences.

Weird sentences, but grammatically correct. 😉 

So, there we go! I hope you found Quick Win 6 helpful.
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