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[QW12] Kathie’s ‘7 deadlies’: words to avoid in projects

[ Executive summary: avoid overusing the words on the 2nd bulleted list. 🙂 ] It doesn't matter if we are authoring a technical manual, non-fiction book on X process, or a heartfelt tribute to a best friend. Lacing our work with unnecessary ‘filler’ words can ruin a...

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[QW11] Fixing corrupted Windows filenames

Happy Anniversary to our Quick Win posts! The first QW offering appeared on May 20 last year, and we haven't looked back! I love these. They are short, sweet, and get some useful 'office tech' or other tips in your hands. The QWs usually come from costly lessons...

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[QW10] – Copying an online button or its text

. Here are three reasons to copy a website button or the text behind it: You don't have time to check out the information right now. You want to see where the button leads before clicking it (which you can also do by hovering over it and looking at the link text near...

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[QW9] – Adding professional bullets to your LinkedIn profile

  Yeees, I know LinkedIn® has a way to add bullet points to your About section. But the ones I've seen are unprofessional ('cutesy' icons, really), and LinkedIn keeps changing the code and/or rules for adding them. Got the solution for ya when it comes to: [QW9]...

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[QW8] “How do I get past client objections?”

  "Heard it all before, yadda, yadda, yadda." Of course. But how many of us paid attention? Writing a post on this topic was the farthest thing from my mind. (Except for the unicorn thing that's all the rage with 5-year-olds. S-t-i-l-l.) [QW8] "How do I get past...

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[QW7] Two words for ya: kitchen timer!

  Here's a mini business tip to start off our new Quick Win year. Enjoy. [QW7] Two words for ya: kitchen timer! This is one of those "Why didn't I think of this?" no-brainers that hadn't occurred to me.  I ran into a non-tech buddy and grumbled: "I missed a...

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[QW6] Is “Everyone has …” or “… have …” correct?

If you've followed along with the Quick Wins from the beginning, this is where it starts paying off! In [QW1], we discussed a team is a collection of people making up: A group An entity (one - 'it'). The team has a chance to win. It has a chance to win. Although it...

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[QW5] “It’s” vs. “Its”

Here is a problematic word puzzler where one outlier does not follow the rule. [QW5] "It's" vs. "Its" We often find an apostrophe demonstrating ownership: The dog's bone A company's logo A Ferengi's tooth sharpener (If you're not a Star Trek fan, never mind 🙂 ) We...

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[QW4] ‘Democratic’ vs. ‘Democrat’

Okay, pet peeve time. We in the U.S. are ramping up to an election in early November. And I guarantee: we will hear and see the word 'democratic' misused 99% of the time between now and then. Well ... forever, really. Few of us – including grammar pundits and the...

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