[QW 27 follow-up] Think about each sheet of paper!

by | Oct 2, 2023

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Hey, there!

In September, I shared my “Well, DUH!” moment when I figured out how to find a stash of printer paper right under our noses.

Remember this? I was embarrassed I hadn’t thought of this treasure hunt earlier. (Click if you’d like to read it again.)

[QW27] “Guess where I just found a bunch of printer paper?!”


[QW 27 follow-up] Think about each sheet of paper!

Today’s quick note is about how I almost blew it with one item I rescued.

I started my sorting process too late in the day. I suggest beginning with fresh eyes and a rested brain each time you set out on a paper purge. You don’t want to toss files that are still important to keep.

And … um … that’s exactly what I did.

Yes, I have an e-copy of that Lessons Learned document I almost recycled, but I’ve discovered these are printouts to have handy for quick reference. I’d forgotten that part, momentarily.

Once I re-thought dumping that detailed report, I could have reprinted it. But that’s wasteful.

Plus, I would always wonder, “What else did I miss because I was tired?” For me, that would not add to my Non-Overwhelm. It would hang around in the back of my brain, poking at me every few days. 😎 

So, hey! when you reach this project, take your time and begin when you’re well-rested. Or, you can – like me – tip your recycle bin and grab hundreds of sheets of paper.

Before the bin falls over, or you fall in!

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