[QW27] “Guess where I just found a bunch of printer paper?!”

by | Sep 23, 2023

[ Quick Win posts – QWs – are brief items to help non-overwhelm your day. Enjoy! ]


OK … an embarrassing “Well, DUH!” moment for me. Sheesh.

But hey, it’s a good one to pass on to you. Enjoy!


[QW27] “Guess where I just found a bunch of printer paper?!”

I’m always encouraging you to “Keep up with your paperwork!” You’ve heard my lectures about “Get those deductible receipts scanned and filed when they occur, so tax time is easier.” 
Yesterday, I noticed my main office file drawers were bursting at the seams. Not tax stuff, but once-upon-a-time critical printouts … that I’d ignored for months.
Which ones weren’t so ‘critical’ anymore? If I hadn’t touched them for such a long time, probably most of them, right? Yup.
I listened to a few hours (!) of podcasts while I … um … took a little tour through those file folders. Page by page, checking out everything.


This is embarrassing

Your loveable Queen of Non-Overwhelm found about a ream of paper files she could dump, 200 sheets of which were printed on only one side.

Most of that stack went to the shredder, but 200 reusable sheets is a big find for thrifty ol’ me. (I’ll use some for the tax-time printouts I preach about. 😎 )

So, hey! check through your hard copy files before the new year. You might be surprised what’s lurking there. If something is over a year old, your electronic backup copies may be all you need. You’ll free up space in a file drawer(s), plus grab some paper for draft printing at the same time.


Don’t forget …

Once you’ve used the blank side of a page, it may need to go to the shredder when you’re done with it. The page was once important enough to save. It may contain confidential info

I hope you enjoyed this Quick Win ( [QW] ). Another of my embarrassing moments donated to the world for training purposes – ha!

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