[QW24] If you don’t shut down, use ‘Restart’

by | Jan 5, 2023

[ Quick Win posts – QWs – are brief items to help non-overwhelm your day. Enjoy! ]


Hey there, and welcome to 2023!

It’s perfect timing for this post since this is an excellent habit to start.

You can have this [QW] buttoned up by the end of the day. Go ahead and mark it down as a New Year’s resolution you’ve kept. No one needs to know you just made it. 😎 


A couple of months ago, I had a conversation with a friend who hadn’t heard of shutting her computer down after work each day. (Zowie)

Hmm. Well, let’s chat about that.

[QW24] If you don’t shut down, use ‘Restart’

When we flip the ON switch, our computers “pull themselves up by their bootstraps.” Thus, the term “boot.” It’s the way our machine stretches its muscles and marches ducks into rows.

Nowadays, we have all kinds of tricks (sign out, sleep, etc.) to let our computers ‘rest’ without physically turning them off at the switch.

I suggest shutting down each day …

In my humble opinion, it’s still a good idea to shut your computer allll the way off at the end of your work day. When you reboot in the morning, it’s forced to run through all the diagnostics and other pieces parts. 😎

… but if you can’t …

I’m in a bad situation with my current machine. It’s a super-duper, mighty, works-perfectly monster (there’s more RAM than I ever thought could be crammed into a chip).

Except the manufacturer can’t seem to find a power supply wiring bundle
(hooked to the “ON” button) that works consistently

No one can figure it out. Sometimes, it takes hours before it decides to fire. This means I must leave the machine on all the time. I never know when – or if – the wiring bundle will choose not to boot.

Drives. me. nutz. I like the safety … and ‘cleanness’ … of shutting down.

The next best thing I can do to semi-protect my PC is to

  1. Sign out each day.
  2. Sign in the next day.
  3. Click Restart on my “Shut down or sign out” menu.
  4. Have my Malwarebytes running in the background at all times.

(I also run SpyBot while I’m eating breakfast. I know, I know. Overkill. But ….)

Computer gurus call this restart (#3, above) a ‘warm boot.’ It runs through the bootstrap process, except the computer components are – literally – warm. 

NOTE: When you contact a helpline, the technician might say, “Do a warm boot,” or “Restart your computer.”  They are asking you to perform #3 on my list. This helps them see if they solved your problem. Many computer changes need a reboot to take effect. 

I hope you enjoyed this Quick Win ( [QW] ). I was happy to provide it for you.

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