[QW1] Companies and groups are not people!

by | May 20, 2020

[ Quick Win posts – QWs – are brief items to help non-overwhelm your day. Enjoy! ]




What’s all this ‘QW’ stuff in the headline?!

Well-l-l, I recently looked back through some project management notes, where I discovered a pattern of easy-to-fix tech issues and ‘word puzzlers’ gone wild. 😉 

To help us all stamp out these recurring problems, I decided it was time to share.

Each month, I’ll post at least one of these short (~200-300 words, depending on the number of examples provided), Quick Wins.

Subscribers will receive a link in their inbox, but you can search for these posts here, too.

Subjects vary, but will congregate around:

  • Tips for fixing pesky tech issues that crop up in your office.
  • General business tips-n-tricks.
  • ‘Word puzzlers’ we should fix … before we write or say them!

Titles begin with [QW] and a number, so they’re easy to find and keep in numerical order.

For the first few posts, you’ll find word puzzlers.
They can make a big difference in how our customers perceive us as professionals.
I thought this would be a good place to start.

Except for a shorter (!) introduction each month, here is the approximate length of each fast, Quick Win ([QW]) post.

[QW1] Companies and groups are not people!

This one is tough because we’ve heard it phrased incorrectly for years:

Such and Such Company announced their plans for
moving their building using huge, honkin’ Mylar balloons.

First: This is impossible. But hey, we’re having a little fun, here.

Second: Companies are not people.

Companies are entities and are referred to as ‘it,’ not ‘they.’

Here is the corrected sentence:

Such and Such Company announced its plans for
moving its building using huge, honkin’ Mylar balloons.


Here’s an example for groups of people. Groups are entities, too:

The team celebrated its win by buying 20 pizzas!


If we phrased this differently and discussed the members of the team,
we would use ‘their.’ Now we’re talking about individuals, not a group.

The team members celebrated their win by buying 20 pizzas!


That’s it! I hope you enjoyed our first foray into Quick Wins.

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