[GOAL 8] Start on your 2024 objectives n.o.w.

by | Oct 1, 2023



When we turn the calendar over in January, will we have a couple of goals (resolutions) written there, ready to pounce on them and get to work?

Yes, we will because we’re starting today.
Let’s non-overwhelm dat puppy!

( After recording, I changed the word ‘goals’ to ‘objectives’ in the title. Don’t worry … you’re in the right place.)

[GOAL 8] Start on your 2024 objectives n.o.w.

We all have cast-in-stone items on our calendars. Our dental checkup in mid-April, and Fluffy’s ‘annual’ at the vet in June. Like that.

But we also have “I want to” items, and that’s where goal achieving comes in. 

Did you notice I didn’t say goal setting in that last sentence?

Anyone can set a target. My fave is, “I want to visit Tranquility Base on the Moon.” Yeah. Not gonna happen.

Reaching our objective is more complicated than simply setting it.

According to U.S. News and World Report, we often give up on our New Year’s Resolutions by mid-February. This is why I offer a cohort of my Goals Accountability Blueprint training starting … hello … the second week of February each year!

But you don’t have to wait that long to start the ball rolling for 2024.


Let’s rethink the process

Consider a goal as:

‘Organized?’ ‘Leading’?!


When have you accomplished something without organizing the steps and taking the lead to make them happen? 

Never. Right?

So why should our next year be a jumble of random thoughts?

I’ve never been a fan of the New Year’s game

In my opinion, the New Year’s resolution ‘thing’ is a game:

“Ahhhh … ho-hum. It’s January 1st. The next time I’m in a meeting,
someone’s gonna ask, ‘How ya doin’ on those resolutions?’”

So, we slap 13 items on a list (ensuring we’ve already conquered one thing) and call it “Done.”

And we have missed the point.

“What is the point, Kathie?”

This isn’t the time to get super-specific about our goals for next year.
But it is time to start herding those ducks.

By December 31st, I want each of us to have a big goal for 2024, plus two smaller ones (this is the ‘Getting Organized’ part).

Now that we’re thinking about next year’s objectives, remember the most important part:


Pursue a goal we want to reach (‘Leading’)
 not someone else’s dream for us.


Your mini-project for October

(Complete by November 1)

In a small notebook, write down 3 goals (‘resolutions,’ if you prefer) you’d like to reach next year.

  • Pen and paper. No screens. (Real-world = better remembery 😉)
  • Make sure each resolution is something you want to pursue.
  • Place the date on each page so you can look back and see how you’ve progressed.
  • Don’t tear out any pages. Keep all of your ideas available for later.

On November 1st, I’ll be back to discuss ways to keep our goals reasonable and achievable … in ways you may not have considered.*

CU, then!

* Part 2 of this series is now available. Take a look to see if your goals are do-able!


I hope you’ll find this project helpful as we work through this last quarter of 2023. By December 31st, you should have two or three goals to pursue next year. Cool! 😎

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* (11-01-2023: the November post is available. Click here for part 2 of this 3-part series.) 


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