[GOAL 9] Are your 2024 resolutions ‘workable’?

by | Nov 1, 2023


In October, we discussed the word ‘goal’ as an acronym:

Getting Organized and Leading

Click to review October’s article:  [GOAL 8] Start on your 2024 objectives n.o.w.  )

Since then, you’ve worked on a mini-project to help you jump-start 2024.

You’ve written down 3 of your “I want to …” items, thinking about them now instead of waiting for January 1. Good for you!

Today, we’ll discuss heading in the right direction for achieving objectives (not just setting them).


[GOAL 9] Are your 2024 resolutions ‘workable’?

You’re already creating non-overwhelm for next year (suh-weet!).

And if the 3 goals you wrote down last month are workable, you are wwaayy ahead of the game.

Feels good, doesn’t it? Now, it’s time for the first step in reaching an objective.


‘Workable’ = reasonable, practical, and sensible

During my Goals Accountability Blueprint training, I caution my students that there is a workable and not-so-workable version of reaching their #1 goal.

For example, take the often-heard comment, “I want to lose weight.” A not-so-workable solution is eating only one plain salad each day. Oof.

A workable path includes the ability – assuming they’re a healthy human and their doctor says it’s OK 😎 – to make reasonable, practical, and sensible lifestyle changes.

OK, let’s take a look at some workable solutions to weight loss and then apply them to your 3 goals:

  • Reasonable: Can a person reasonably attain the objective within the timeframe allowed? For example, “I want to lose 70 pounds (~ 32 kg) over this next year or maybe over 18 months.”
  • Practical: “I have the time to take a ½ mile walk each evening, and I will quit eating bread for snacks! I won’t deny myself at a special event, but I’ll be careful with what I eat.”
  • Sensible: “I will work up to that ½ mile for one month. If I can go farther, I will. If I need to back off a little bit, I will. I can stretch this goal beyond one year.”

Your mini-project for November

(Complete by December 1)

Think of the 3 goals (or ‘resolutions,’ if you prefer) you created last month.

For each one, add this information in your notebook.
Take as much space as you need, but be as concise as possible:

Goal / Resolution #1

I know my goal is reasonable because: _____________________________.
My practical steps to get there are: ________________________________.
For this objective, ‘sensible’ = _____________________________________.

Repeat for all three aims and review your list often over the next month.

If you do, I think you will be pleased when you see December’s offering.*


* 12-1-2023 update: The conclusion of this series is ready for you! Click for [GOAL 10]  


Thanks for stopping by! When you complete this month’s mini-project, you should be well on your way to having 3 New Year’s resolutions ready for January 1.


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