[GOAL 10] Get your ‘success steps’ ready

by | Dec 1, 2023


Over the past two months, you’ve been ramping up to 2024 by herding New Year’s Resolutions ducks into rows. 

  • In October, you learned to think of ‘goal’ as Getting Organized and Leading. And – bless your heart – you let me bully you into using a pen, paper, and notebook to record 3 goals (resolutions) you’d like to accomplish next year. You can click this link to review the article.

  • November was time for review, making sure those 3 objectives were workable. During your mini-project, you added to your notebook’s narrative. For each goal, you’ve jotted down the indicators showing it is reasonable, practical, and sensible. You’ll find that article here.

You’ve been busy! 


[GOAL 10] Get your ‘success steps’ ready

Having our objectives clearly in mind … as you’ve done … helps us focus.

And if your goals are exciting and something you want to achieve, you can’t help but take the leap next month. (Wow! It’s close!)

I use this example because this was me a couple of years ago:

Let’s say one of your 3 resolutions is to organize your home office workspace (or maybe carve out a home office workspace!).

You know this will help inspire you to do your best work and maybe even encourage you to keep things a little neater.

It will also be a daily reminder – not in a self-absorbed way – that you are worth the dynamic, productive surroundings.


Chalk drawing of a man climbing the steps to success

“OK, Kathie. Where do I start?”

First, identify reasons for pursuing the goal. These will help you stay on track when you reach that nasty mid-point where you start to slow down (sorry, but it’ll probably happen).
My #1 reason for wanting elegant office furnishings? It was time. I needed my background, during online meetings, to communicate my professionalism.
I considered the green-screen-and-fake-background method, but no. 
It was time for the real deal, and I would make it happen. I spend a lot of time in my office each week and need that encouraging atmosphere. Plus, if a client stops by, ‘classy’ is a better message than ‘old rolltop desk and mismatched filing cabinets.’ (Just sayin’.)
Second, start mapping out the steps to reach the objective.
1. What does ‘success’ look like for this target?
2. How much time do you need to reach it?
3. Buy new? Use what you have?
In my case, the answers were “My office furniture will express my professionalism,” “I’ll need at least 6 months to save the money and plan the layout,” and “Buy new and work with a local office furniture company.”
This example is for a big undertaking, but the process works for little things, too.

Your mini-project for December

This is a busy time of year for most of us.
Keep your notebook handy to jot down ideas this month. Think about the steps to accomplish each of your 3 goals.
You may discover you have a 15-month, a 7-month, and a 2-week project on your list. That’s fine. B-r-e-a-t-h-e, take your time, and work dem steps!
This is the time for making decisions, so you’ll be ready to begin in January. You can add more detail, later, but do as much as you can now.

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