Is the term “freelance” affecting your credibility?

by | Mar 6, 2021


The first rule of websites?

“Never send your reader away from your website.”

Yep, that rule.

The one I am about to break, so please come back.

If you work on a contract basis, you may have considered: should you use the term ‘freelance’ to describe your company?

Louise Harnby talks about this, and I cannot improve upon her genius.

No matter your type of firm, it’s vital to consider her sometimes-astonishing (“Did she really say that?”) opinions.

Louise is never a … let’s say … word mincer. 🙂

The scary part!

And that’s where the sending-you-away-from-my-website comes in.

When you check out this article, please leave a comment for Louise, and then click back here to give us your view.

Here’s a big “Thank you!” to Louise Harnby for sharing her post with our group.

Take me to the article

Welcome back!

Good article, right? 

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Feel free to bring your own ideas, or grab one here:

  • Do you agree with Louise’s concerns about the term ‘freelance’?
  • What surprised you about the article?
  • Were you further encouraged to open your own company?

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  1. Lynn Hallbrooks

    Personally, I consider myself a business owner. I do all the things that are mentioned in the blog post. I agree, that she stated the issues well.

    • Kathie York

      Me too … on ‘business owner’ and on Louise covering the issues well.
      I find her to be a great source of anything writing.
      Between Louise Harnby and my writing coaches (Belinda Weaver and John Espirian), I’m fortunate to have the bases covered.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Valicia France

    I’m back! She did a great job explaining her thought process on this. I don’t have a hard stance but do describe myself to potential clients as a business owner. I speak to other freelancers using either term.

    • Kathie York

      Hi, Valicia!

      I thought it was a good article too. What surprised me the most was Louise saying the term “freelance“ might make the business owner think of themselves in a less professional manner. I hadn’t even considered that.

      Like you, I normally refer to myself as a business owner if it comes up.

      Thanks for stopping by, and I am glad you enjoyed the article. K.



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