[QW Bonus] Infographic: 4 Money-Saving Steps to Your First Draft

by | Nov 21, 2020


Two weeks ago, my talented VA created the infographic I vowed to generate.

Two years ago.

In all my spare time, right?

When October rolled around this year, I did offer you my post on this subject:

4 money-saving steps to your first draft

But I still didn’t have the graphic about saving money with editors and proofers. (I have remedied this!)

It was time to ‘get off my high horse’ (as my dad would say) and ask for help.

[QW Bonus] Infographic: 4 Money-Saving Steps to Your First Draft

I’m so glad Nadia said “Yes” to this project.

Her capabilities are remarkable. The result? 


A quick, easy-to-navigate graphic showing
you how to create the first draft…
… of just about anything!

Think about your other projects beyond word processor files and reports:

  • Presentation slides
  • Video and audio
  • Spreadsheets
  • PMBOK files
  • Online courses
  • Technical testing
  • ISO checklists

You can probably come up with more, but there’s a good start for you. 🙂

Download this infographic as a quick reference.   Grab your copy of this chart!


Thanks for your time, today. It’s a busy time of year for everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving (on the 26th) to those of you in the U.S. and Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it worldwide.

I’m not blogging in December, so I’ll see you back here in January 2021. (Zowie! Already?!)


Here are two of the posts that inspired the infographic

Rescue your proofing budget

Blogpost: 4 money-saving steps to your first draft

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