“What is your strangest chaos-to-non-overwhelm story?”

by | Jan 9, 2024

Happy New Start!
It’s 2024, and – as the Queen of Non-Overwhelm and your Goals Accountability instructor – I’m supposed to challenge you to:
  • “Overcome the angst!”
  • “Be the best you can be!”
  • “Figure out another cliché phrase!” (I made up that one.)
Ewwww! Gag. Erp.
If you were along for the ride in 2023, you worked hard on two things in Q4: adding peace and calm and more non-overwhelm to your life, including achieving goals.
And what I have to say to you right now is

Enough already!

“Kathie! What?!” 
Yeah, it’s time for a bit of fun today. 
Otherwise, what was the point of working diligently last quarter to non-overwhelm January and make it through the holiday season (reasonably) unscathed? 
You’re set to tackle 1 big goal this year and 2 smaller ones.
If you missed the October-December posts, click here to catch up. There’s still time to make it work.
I hear fascinating stories from clients about how they non-overwhelmed a lousy situation.
And that gave me an idea to ask you: 

“What is your strangest chaos-to-non-overwhelm story?”

You wrestled that sucker to the ground and pinned it to the mat! This could be work- or family-related.
Maybe something you thought you’d never accomplish (but you did!), or an interesting thing from your kid-dom (I love tales from those years!). 
You’ll inspire the rest of us to conquer our next difficult situation.
And that’s a great way to start 2024, don’tcha think?


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Kathie York is the Queen of Non-Overwhelm and your Goals Accountability instructor. She helps you reach peace and calm in your business and/or life, and in 2022, Kathie launched her practical Goals Accountability Blueprint training. Click here for more info!

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